Registration process to get a ITN Number in Canada

If you need to bring a significant amount of goods with you into Canada—or major possessions like a vehicle—you will need to get an Individual Tax Identification Number, or ITN.

What is ITN number Canada?

An ITN is a unique number assigned to an individual conducting personal or professional business in Canada. It is assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency and helps to identify you for tax purposes if you do not have a Social Insurance Number.

What is A Social Insurance Number?

The SIN is a number, basically, assigned to residents on Canada. It is similar to the Social Security Number in the United States.

Why Do I Need an ITN?

There are really only two types of people who need an ITN:

  • International students who is not eligible for a Canadian Social Insurance Number (and have received a scholarship, for example)
  • anyone who wants or needs to file a Canadian Tax Return. This includes people moving or importing goods into Canada who may need to pay the appropriate Canadian duties and taxes on those goods

When Do I Need an ITN?

You need to know that the process for acquiring an ITN can take as many as 8 weeks.  Thus, you should try to apply for one as far in advance as possible before making the move to Canada (whether as a student or a resident).  Of course, it is easier to obtain an ITN from within Canada so you might find it is better to simply get your information and fill out your paperwork before entering the country and then finalizing the process as soon you cross the border.

How Do I Apply for an ITN?

In order to apply for an ITN, you will need access to the following personal documents:

  • photocopy of your passport bio-data page
  • photocopy of passport containing Canada entry stamps
  • study permit (if necessary)
  • application for ITN
  • Also, you need to pay a flat $30 processing fee to get your ITN.

Simply mail the application to the appropriate agency International Tax Office and wait at least six weeks for a response.