Places in Washington DC to Listen to Music

Whoever hears about a birthday party, they will think about the balloons, feast, and so on. Arranging a birthday party can be a quite daunting task because you want the different thing for the upcoming birthday. Planning for the party helps it more successful even a girls bachelorette party with male dancers can join you while at a concert. And if you want to crash a party in DC, you will need to consider the party ideas in Washington d.c. Looking for venues where you and your friends can listen to the music? DC has everything you need. But before we share the list of places in DC for you, you should consider the tips below.

Budget arrangement

The first and foremost thing to consider is your budget. How much are you willing to spend for the venue, foods, and everything else?

Your guests

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The invitations

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Foods and beverages

You should choose the items to be served at the party. Contact the venue and ask them about the menu they provide. If you invite kids to your party, consider not to include alcoholic drinks, unless the kids bring someone who can supervise them. It is the big day. Make sure that you work with the professional venue to cater the menu things.


Obviously, you will need a plan for decoration. If you can’t handle it by yourself, it does not hurt to let the professionals do it.


In this case, you will have the freedom in choosing the type of entertainment you want to have. It can be a soloist, band, dancer plus singer, saxophone group, or anything you like that suits your taste. Music arrangement is the sound of any kind of party, including the birthday party. You can’t overlook this aspect. Also, make sure that the places are good to present this kind of entertainment.

Places in Washington DC to listen to music

As promised, here is the list of the live music places:

  • DC Club
  • Black Cat
  • Lincoln Theater
  • U Street Music Hall
  • Howard Theatre
  • Rock & Roll Hotel
  • The Birchmere