L-theanine – The world of benefits

L – theanine is one of the many popular mood boosting nootropics available today. This can be used to yield benefits like mental performance, focus, depression and even high anxiety levels.

These nootropics are mainly prescribed to yield many types of mental benefits. Some of them are enhanced memory, to achieve creative inspiration and to increase intelligence. They are even used for reducing stress, promoting feeling of well being, and to decrease negative emotion.

All the best qualities mentioned above can be yielded by using L- Theanine. It can influence these qualities throughout the body as well as in the brain. This comes with no side effects. This is the reason it is recommended for daily use in increasing the overall well being of an individual.

Benefits on mind:

This works by limiting the neurochemicals which are mainly responsible for reactions of stress and cause reduction in mental clarity. So these are the reasons behind its effective mental benefits. This plays a major role in increasing GABA levels. GABA is a neurotransmitter. Being an amino acid it is responsible for calming both body and mind. This works by inhibiting stress signals in the brain which are over excited due to some reasons.

It can create fight or flight reactions of sympathetic nerve system. It does this by blocking binding between L-glutamic acid and glutamate receptors. This acid is considered as one of the excitatory neurotransmitter. This is even linked to seizures. Feelings of tranquility and relaxation are generated by L- theanine since it calms down these types of over stimulated chemicals.

L- theanine has claimed to enhance cognitive functions in the body.

Benefits on body:

There will be link between physical well being and healthy emotional state of mind. This supplement causes lot of benefits for mind. This will definitely start reflecting in body one by one. There is a link between muscle function and mental focus. Maximum dexterity is achieved by a basket ball player only when he is mentally focused and able to coordinate between his movements and muscle in each and every shot.

This supplement has ability to reduce blood pressure levels and heart rate. This can ensure increased circulation in whole body. This circulation can yield several benefits. That can include reduction of arthritis pain to lung capacity improvement.

Focus and creativity enhancement:

There is a big role for alpha waves in the benefits of L –Theanine. These are nothing but naturally produced electrical frequencies of the brain. In mental states like high mental focus and intense creativity these electrical frequencies are believed to accompany. The generation of alpha waves is promoted by this supplement. This leads to the creation of feeling like inspiration, fantastic productivity and even fearlessness in an individual.

Even the drug called Modafinil has very similar effects. This is also called as provigil. Even this drug is considered very safe and tolerated by many people. But still many opt for L- theanine supplement because it is considered gentler and it can achieve the same results.