Is Qsymia effective as a weight loss drug?

For adults with a high BMI (Body mass Index) of 30 or more, Qsymia is generally preferred. It must be used with a reduced calorie diet and increased physical exercise activity as a schedule part for chronic weight management program. It is not the only drug available in the market, but is the drug with most effectiveness and least side effects. Comparing to traditional drug management, Qsymia is a new weight loss drug aimed to provide positive result in patients suffering from obesity and other weight related issues.

Keeping fast all day long or short term diet changes are not the key to lose weight. It may not be easy to follow long term weight loss. But again, Qsymia can help you take it off. The patented combination of the ingredients in Qsymia can help you eat less at mealtime and manage your hunger.  Long lasting effect includes lifestyle changes that must also include:

  • Regular exercise
  • Selecting healthy food
  • Balancing the calorie you take from the diet you eat

You don’t have to go alone through the weight loss program. Give your healthcare provider a chance to aid you implement weight loss plan. They can help you fix proper schedule as a weight loss program and set you realistic targets to develop a regimen that is best for your individual needs. Qsymia can be recommended as a new weight loss drug to improve your weight-loss results over exercise and result. Before implementing the use of this product, ask your doctor if Qsymia can solve the problem you are facing.

It is an effective drug when used together with additional routine exercise blended with reduced calorie diet. If you are suffering from certain allergies, avoid taking it. It may cause possible side effects if it doesn’t suits you.It can be really effective for appetite suppression, reducing fat absorption, reduced blood insulin level and risk of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. There are many positive testimonials available in various websites stating the positive changes brought by this product. However, every individual body acts in a different way. Something suiting someone may not suit you. It is Ok to go by the reviews but you must sense the changes you are gaining once you have starting dosing with the product.

No manufactured drug for fat loss comes without any risk. There are chances of side effects if it the products don’t suit you or if you overdose. Like all other weight reduction pills available in the market, there is a list of possible Qsymia side effects. It is not free from side effects but patients seem to deal with less of the effects when taking Qsymia over Saxenda and Contrave which are some of the other drug on the market. Side effects may lead to constipation, dizziness, tingly feeling, numbness, insomnia and/or dry mouth or may be change in the sense of taste. Start your dose and maintain your diet and exercise. Be in touch with your doctor and consult medical advice if you feel side effects.