Event Photography, permission to Print Money?

Basically were built with a pound for each time I have heard that stated in an event, I’d be considered a wealthy man! Regrettably, the statement just is not true. Sure, some occasions can be displayed this way particularly when you’ve a large crowd all awaiting your printer to spew out their favourite images. But what you ought to remember is exactly what is involved with getting that image in to the customer’s hands.

Many of the package used varies based on regardless if you are photographing equestrian occasions, dog agility shows, kart racing or indoor charitable organization occasions. However, we want the package to pay for these kind of bookings – something that you will find reflected within the cost we charge for the photos. Here is a rough introduction to the expense that lay behind the cost of the print, simply to give an awareness of why those are the cost they’re.

Camera gear.

Clearly every professional photographer requires a camera along with a lens. What many people don’t understand is the fact that professionals have to carry spares of every, just in situation of unforeseen conditions. This, obviously, doubles the outlay on equipment. Within my situation I personally use Nikon Pro gear, which is not cheap, but is amazingly reliable and provides me excellent picture quality. Like a ball-park figure, let us place a cost of £4500

Portable Studio Package.

With respect to the kind of event being covered, the professional photographer might need to use studio lighting and backdrops. Again, spares have to be transported just in situation. A great group of studio lights may cost up to £800, with backdrops being half that. We’ll refer to it as £1200

Computer gear.

We want so that you can obtain the photograph while watching customer as rapidly as you possibly can. With this, we generally use specialist software running on quite fast computers. Personally, we use Apple iMac’s because they have superb screens and therefore are compact, though they are doing come in a cost! We use wireless transmitters and receivers to hurry things along. Just one wireless transmitter is £600, we want a couple of them. Lets add £100 throughout the wireless networking gear (routers & cabling). Obviously we take some software to deal with everything, so let us budget £350. Total cost with this lot – £3150


What is the good of capturing if you cannot print them for that customers? And then we need a minumum of one printer. Obviously, we feature two to ensure that should one fail, we are able to keep on. We feature two different printer sizes – 9×6? and 12×8. Lets refer to it as £2200 for that printers.

Other things we want.

Marquees – maintaining your package dry if we are covering out door occasions is important. Our marquee cost £800. Obviously, we also require a generator – £250, in addition to chairs and tables for that staff £250. That’s another £1300 gone.


I believe this is something where individuals save. Well, the less trustworthy ones anyway. We’re fully insured, for the package, for public liability as well as for employer’s liability. Very little vary from £600 for your.

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